Fresno County Fire Protection District
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4th of July Fireworks TaskForce

This year, on the Fourth of July teams with Cal Fire, Clovis Fire, and Fresno Fire wrote 16 different citations for illegal fireworks.

The fine in Fresno and Clovis for having and using illegal fireworks is $1000.

According to fire officials, crews responded to 325 different calls. 98 of those were vegetation fires, 2 vehicle fires, 2 apartment fires, and 3 house fires. Several thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks were picked up by investigators.

Officials say these numbers are up 65% from July 4, 2016.

Teams were out in force, patrolling the streets, some in unmarked cars, other in patrol cars, looking for people shooting these illegal fireworks.

According to the Clovis Fire Department, a lot of the citations teams wrote were in the North part of town.

In Porterville, the fire department says three grass fires were attributed to fireworks. Teams there wrote 14 different citations and seized 669 illegal fireworks.

The fine in Porterville for having, and using illegal fireworks is $1,500.