Fresno County Fire Protection District
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Burn Permits


Learn how to get a Burn Permit online:

Step 1: You will need to log onto

Step 2: You will to scroll down on the main page till you find burn permit Information and Debris
Burning Safety. Click on CAL Fire Burn Permit website.

Step 3: Then Click the Apply button

Step 4: You will watch a 2-minute video of safety rules and Regulations before you can move on.
Once the video is done hit Apply. You will then be asked to enter your information so they can
issue a permit. Once your information is in push next.

Step 5: Your permit is done and is issued to you. You must SIGN and PRINT OUT your permit to have available on burn location while burning. If you have any questions call your local CAL FIRE
Station or visit WWW.READYFORWILDFIRES.ORG for burn safety tips.

Online Burn Permits Guideline