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Fresno County firefighters responding to more grass fires as fire season heats up

FRESNO COUNTY, California. (KGPE/KSEE) — As firefighters end a busy Fourth of July weekend, they start a new week filled with grass fires.

Tuesday afternoon in Fresno County, a grass fire torched 15 acres, damaging several structures in its path.

​Firefighters say it’s been a busy fire season so far, and it’s not over yet.

Flames raced across the grass near Fowler and Teague avenues Tuesday, torching a barn, an outbuilding, and a vacant mobile home.

“With the combination of the dry grass and winds we’ve been having lately, the grass fire moves very fast,” said CalFire Fresno Battalion Chief Seth Brown.

The quick-moving fire threatened homes and caused road closures as 50 firefighters and 15 engines responded.

“On a fast-moving fire from the wind like today, just as fast as we can bring fire engines into the area to fight the fire, the fire has already moved 50, 100 feet,” said Brown.

Brown says the weather is getting hotter which is causing the grass to dry out, making ripe conditions for fires. He says it’s important people clear the area around their home from anything that can ignite, like long grass or wood.

“An ember or spark from a nearby fire can land near your house and potentially catch your home on fire,” said Brown.

On Monday, a grass fire crept close to homes in Southeast Fresno near Pitt and Florence Avenues. With grass fires on the rise, Brown asks everyone to do their part.

“If there is a fire in the area even if you are curious and want to come see it, please avoid the area, that allows us plenty of room so we can get our engines in,” said Brown.

The official cause of both grass fires is still under investigation.