Fresno County Fire Protection District
Honor, Integrity, Cooperation & Professionalism

District Operations

Chris Bump, Assistant Chief


The Operations Division is comprised of the District’s emergency response personnel and equipment. The daily emergency response staffing for the entire fire district is 48 personnel. This staffing includes (6) Battalion Chiefs, (13) 2 – 3 Person Engine Companies, (1) 3 Person Truck Company, (1) Medium Rescue Unit, Water Tenders and Patrols housed in 13 full time fire stations. The District provides a full range of emergency responses services including but not limited to, structural fire suppression, wildland fire suppression, response to hazardous materials incidents, Urban Search and Rescue, water rescue, vehicle extrication, technical rescue as well as basic life support medical services. Fire District emergency response personnel respond to over 14,700 incidents annually, of which approximately 8,000 or 68% are medical in nature, ranging from motor vehicle accidents and elderly falls to childbirths and heart attacks. All Fresno County Fire District personnel are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTDs). EMTD’s provide Basic Life Support (BLS). EMTs interpret signs and symptoms of injury and disease, and determine the appropriate course of treatment. EMTs are trained to provide Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, administer oxygen, control bleeding, perform spinal immobilization, splint fractures, as well as any rescue functions needed to free a trapped victim. When a medical emergency is reported via 911, the closest Engine Company is dispatched in conjunction with the private ambulance provider. The intent is to get the closest available resource to the patient as soon as possible, so the appropriate medical treatment can be given.

In addition to the ambulances the District utilizes the services of private air ambulances (helicopters) to transport severely injured or burned patients to the appropriate hospital.

Specialized/Technical Rescue Program

Specialized/Technical Rescue consists of High Angle, Confined Space or Trench rescue, all of which are performed under government regulation. Each of these rescues requires extremely high levels of training. The Fresno County Fire District’s Ladder Truck & Rescue Unit have been equipped to meet the state standard of “medium rescue” capabilities. A specially designed Rescue Unit & Trench Trailer carries a cache of US&R equipment.

State Operations

Billy See, Assistant Chief


The State Operations has primary responsibility for over 1,113,284 acres of CAL FIRE Direct Protection Area (DPA) lands within two different counties. The mission is to serve and safeguard the people and protect the property and resources of California.

It is primarily vegetated at the lower and mid elevations by seasonal grasses, deciduous and evergreen oaks, and brush, while the higher elevations consist of conifers.

State Operations includes five (5) respective Battalions, Nine (9) State Stations, twelve Front-line Type III Engines, two (2) Bull Dozers, and Four (4) CDCR Inmate crews for the Miramonte Conservation Camp CC#5.  During Peak Operations, there are over 150 personnel assigned to State Operations.

CAL FIRE’s values represent beliefs that are shared among the stakeholders of the Department.  To this end, the following values are highlighted as expected roles of every employee within the Department.


  • We are committed to the safety and well-being of the public and our employees.
  • We strive for excellence and professionalism.
  • We maintain a can-do attitude and humility in the execution of our duties.


  • We care about each other and our service to others, including cooperators, governing bodies, and the public.
  • We build and maintain cooperative relationships across the State to benefit the public we serve.
  • We allow every member of the Department a voice within a chain-of-command structure.


  • We integrate resource management, fire protection, and fire prevention missions on behalf of the State and local communities.
  • We strive to ensure a high level of environmental protection in all our programs and operations.

Organizational Excellence

  • We value the diversity among our employees and the vital functions they perform to enhance our mission.
  • We exhibit calm resilience and performance in the face of emergencies and disasters of any scale.
  • We recognize the importance of clear and consistent communication.
  • We embrace and support innovation.


Fire Prevention



The Fire Prevention / Fire Code Enforcement Bureau Chief reports directly to the Fire Chief. The staff includes a (1) Battalion Chief, (2) Fire Captains, (1) Fire Prevention Specialist II, (1) Senior Fire Inspector, (3) Fire Inspectors.

The responsibilities within this Bureau include all functions of fire protection and planning, from plans checks to field inspections of the heavy commercial development. Annually, there are 145 to 170 projects in progress. Schools, civic organizations, and public events are a large part of our public education section. On an average year staff will contact over 25,000 people with 60,000 pieces of fire prevention and education materials delivered.

The Law Enforcement section is staffed by sworn officers who are Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Certified. They are responsible for fire investigations, evidence collection, case filing, civil cost recovery, and prosecution of criminal cases. The officer’s, on average, execute 12 felony arrests per year with successful prosecutions.

The Bureau provides technical assistance to other fire and law enforcement agencies; conducts internal investigations for CAL FIRE, the Fresno County Fire Protection District, and other associated law enforcement agencies.

Additional Resources

Public Information

Dan Urias, Battalion Chief


The Public Information Bureau is primarily responsible for the District’s media relations program. The Public Information Officer’s(PIO) mission is to strategically shape the District’s public image through directed, audience-focused communications and information programs about the Fresno County Fire Protection District’s firefighter’s, services and community programs.

The Fire District communicates with the public and other key customer groups through a number of traditional vehicles, including publications, public service announcements, website, public education handouts, and the mass media and public presentations. With thousands of residents and commercial businesses in its jurisdiction the audience is large and diverse.

The PIO also responds to all emergency incidents both in a liaison role and ICS overhead support position.


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