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Interim Fire Chief Mark Johnson

Chief Mark A. Johnson is the Unit Fire Chief.  Chief Johnson's vision for the Fresno-Kings Unit and Fresno County Fire Protection District is to provide the highest level of service to the citizens of Fresno County through the professional abilities of our employees, efficient and cost effective programs, innovative ideas and methods, technological improvements, and continued development of cooperative...[ read more ]

Fresno County Fire Protection District Headquarters
210 S. Academy
Sanger, Ca 93657

Are You Ready?

Chief Johnson of CAL FIRE Fresno - Kings Unit and Fresno County Fire Protection District would like to remind everyone of the upcoming fire season. Firefighters from CAL FIRE/Fresno County Fire will be throughout the county checking for compliance with our Hazard Abatement Program, and our Defensible Space 100 Foot Clearance Program. Here are a few helpful tips you can do to protect yourself and your neighbor.

Residents that live in the valley floor area of Fresno County. If you have property less than 5 acres, all dry grass and weeds should be removed. The removal can be done by mowing to no higher than 4 inches or by discing. Lots larger than 5 acres should have a 30 foot clearance around property lines. They should also be crisscrossed with 30 foot lanes leaving sections of no larger than 5 acres. Fenced pasture land with animals on the property will be allowed a variance.
Fresno County Fire Protection District ORDINANCE 2 identifies areas of Fire Hazards as that area covered by weeds or growing on any property, street, alleys, sidewalks, or on any private property located within the Fire District. A Fire Hazard constitutes a threat to real property (i.e., structures, barns, sheds, out buildings, fences), and not just capable of burning. All property will be cleared of all dry grass, weeds, rubbish, trash, litter, tires, tree stumps, and other waste material, or any flammable material. This includes along property lines/boundaries and along roadways. Areas where rodents may inhabit must be removed. All Tumble weeds must be removed.
Target date for compliance is May 01, 2015
Residents of the foothill and mountain areas of Fresno County must be in compliance with our Defensible Space 100 foot Clearance Program. This includes the removal of flammable grasses, and reduction of brush and trees within 100 feet of structures, or to the property line. Also included is a 10 foot clearance around propane tanks and removing wood piles away from any structure. Have a visible posted address preferable reflective on the entrance to your property. Have your roof clear of leaves and pine needles. Have your driveways clear enough for emergency equipment 15 feet wide and 15 feet high.
We also encourage everyone to be safe when using motorized equipment to work on your clearance. Work early in the day during cooler temperatures and higher humidity’s. All motorized equipment should have spark arrestors. Many fires are started each year by people doing the “Right Thing the Wrong way”.
When burning piles for hazard reduction you must have a valid permit and have a control line to mineral soil around all piles to prevent fire spread. If you allow a fire to escape your control you may be liable for all expenses and damages.
Additional information on these programs and more is available at www.readyforwildfire.org or www.fire.ca.gov and at your local CAL FIRE, or Fresno County Fire Protection District Station. Fresno County Fire Protection District residents can also contact the Weed Abatement Coordinator at (559)493-4323.

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