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FAQ's Regarding Plan Submittals

        Frequently Asked Questions -BEFORE You Submit Plans

Q. What is the process to submit plans to Fresno County Fire Protection District? 

A. Call our office to make sure your project is in our district. (559)319-0400.


We can walk you through the process once we understand the details of your project.


If it is in our area, then you will need to submit two sets of paper plans, fill out a permit application which you will find on our website and pay the current plans review fee which can be found on the fee schedule on the right side of this screen.


Q Is the plan review fee the only amount we need to pay? 

A. Depends on your project.  Some projects may have a balance due when plans are approved and ready to be picked up. Please see the fee schedule for more information. Link to fee schedule is located on the right side of the screen.

Q. How do you accept payment? 

A. We will take a check or money order payable to: Fresno County Fire District. You can also pay by card here inside of our office. We do not take credit card information over the phone.

Q. How long does the plan review process take? 

A. About 4-6 weeks from the date the plan reviewer picks them up. The plan reviewer comes into our office to pick up/drop off plans on Thursday's.


If it's been longer than 4 weeks and you haven't received a call to pick up your plans, check your e-mail to see if the plan reviewer might have sent you an e-mail asking for corrections/clarification on your project. The email would be from  Also check your "Junk" folder.


Q. Do you offer the option to expedite the plan review process? 

A. Yes. It's double the total fee and the turn around time is eight (8) days. The plan reviewer will pick up your plans on Thursday and you will receive a phone call the following Friday to pick up your plans if no corrections are requested from the plan reviewer.

Q. If I have more than one project on my plans (ex: detached garage & storage bldg.) can they be on the same permit? 

A. No, you will need to fill out a different fire permit application for each project and pay the plan review fee for each. You can have them all on the same set of plans but you will receive a different permit card for each project

Q. Do you accept plans electronically? 

A. No, only paper plans and they shall be to scale and pages shall be at least 24 inches tall by 36 inches wide. Plans can be dropped off or mailed in to our office at: 1700 Jensen Ave, Suite 103, Sanger, CA 93657

Q. Can I have my plans mailed back to me? 

A. Yes, as long as you provide us with a pre-paid shipping label. You can e-mail us the label or include it with your plans when you mail them into our office.

Q. If I'm an owner-builder of my home, can I install the sprinklers if I have a company draw up the plans? 

A. No. You will need a certified C-16 installer to install your sprinklers.

Q. What if I have a question about my project or want to check on the status? 

A. You can call our office at (559)319-0400. Have the four digit permit number we issued and the name of the project available when you call.

Once plans are approved, you will receive a phone call or email letting you know they are ready to be picked up and if there is a balance due.

You will receive an approved stamped set of plans, a job permit card and a copy of the receipt. You can now take them to the Fresno County Planning Department and show them we have approved your plans. Do not give them your plans or permit card. These must stay at the job site.

Q. What if after I've received my stamped approved set of plans and we decided to make changes and now our project does not match our approved plans? 

A. You will need to re-submit. It will be the same process as when you submitted your plans the first time. Except the plan review fee will be less. It's currently $126.00.

Q. My project is done and ready for an inspection, what's next? 

A. Have your permit number, project name and address ready and call (559)319-0400 to schedule an inspection.

Q. What if I've lost my permit card or misplaced it? 

 A. Call our office to let us know and we will create a new job card and we will take the card to the inspection. At the present time, there is no charge for a duplicate job card.

Q. Will I need to be there at the inspection? 

A. Yes, or someone you designate to be there. We will not do the inspection if no one is on site.

Q. When do I contact the Fresno County Planning Department for their final inspection? 

A. Once we final your project, then you can call the Fresno County Planning Department to schedule a final inspection with them.



Have more questions?  Contact us at:

1700 JENSEN, ST. 103

SANGER, CA  93657

Telephone# 559.319.0400


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