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Fresno Kings Unit Battalion 18

John Dominguez, Battalion Chief




Sanger Station 84 is located in the heart of the Central Valley in the Fresno-Kings Unit.  It has been the backbone of the Fresno-Kings Unit since it was built at the Fresno fairgrounds in the 1930’s.  It was then relocated to its current location at 210 South Academy Avenue in 1951 and is now the headquarters facility of the Fresno-Kings Unit.  This facility is home to all our administrative staff, including the Unit Chief, Operations Chiefs, Division Chiefs, as well as Finance and Personnel staff.  Also at this facility is the supply warehouse, Type One Engine, Type three Engine, CAL FIRE Dozer and in the summertime a “Call When Needed” contract helicopter that was reinstated in 2021.  Sanger Station 84 has a broad response area that extends through the City of Sanger, from the Eastern edge of Fresno City, to just South of Clovis City, and West of Piedra and Squaw Valley areas.  Both the County Engine and State Engine respond to their respective areas providing year-round fire protection and emergency services to the residents of Fresno County and throughout the State of California.


Engine 84, Battalion chief 4318, and transport dozer stagged in front of the barrack at headquarters

CAL FIRE Station 84

Headquarters Facility

210 S. Academy

Sanger, CA  93657


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